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Inviting True Love into Our Experience

When we are in alignment with the vibrations of our heart, we are happy and content, and our lives flow effortlessly into experiences that we love. We can realize our true love, forming in the energy of the heart of our Being, gaining form in the etheric realm and manifesting in our experiences. By our realization of the reality of our true love, we fill our awareness with it, radiating its vibrations and attracting energetic patterns that resonate with us. This is the process of our creative nature operating in our experiences. We have the choice of intentionally imagining and feeling that we are living in gratitude, compassion, love and joy in every moment, regardless of our encounters.

Everything begins within us. We are the consciousness that creates everything in our lives. By organizing ourselves as members of humanity, we participate in the world that we hold in our realization, but we do not have to limit ourselves to the vibratory level of our species. Our consciousness is multidimensional, and our awareness can be free to roam many realms of reality, from great density to pure light. We have held ourselves in a prison of conscious limitations, but we have the opportunity to expand our awareness beyond the empirical world of duality. Nothing requires us to participate in the negativity of this realm. In order to participate in it, we need to create it. Without our fear, it cannot exist.

We have been held in duality by our fear of suffering and conscious termination. These fears are self-created in our imagining that, if we lose our ability to participate in the physical world, we have a lower quality of living, or perhaps even final termination. If we stop imagining this, and instead direct our attention to our eternal presence of awareness in our infinite creative essence, we open the prison that we have enslaved ourselves in. We can participate fully in the empirical world with personal positive polarity, leading to awareness of living in a realm that is completely responsive to our creative attention and alignment.

Although we have been largely unaware of it, there is a natural flow of energy enveloping us. If we can pay attention to it and feel ourselves living in its vibrations, we create experiences for ourselves that resonate with the natural flow of the conscious life force that we live in. We all know when we feel good, and we can use this awareness to imagine ourselves enjoying our lives with gratitude for everything that is fulfilling for us. Without fear, we free ourselves to love unconditionally, because we live beyond limitations. We can relate with the inner light of all whom we encounter, think about and feel. We transform the negative by bringing our light to it. By the power of our intentional focus, negativity either comes into alignment with our positivity or disappears from our personal experience.

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