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Identifying Our Essential Self

We are so awesome, so far beyond ego-consciousness, that we cannot even imagine who we are in our essence. We can rise to the level of spiritual mastery, materializing things we want, healing the sick and wounded and even having fun, such as when Sathya Sai Baba would have the stars twinkle behind him. More than any of this, however, is our ability to enter awareness within universal consciousness and identify with the consciousness of the Creator in unconditional love and enhancement of all life. In this state of Being, we are the presence of infinite awareness through our heart-consciousness and higher energy centers. This level of personal realization opens us to such amazing, heart-felt energies, that we become radiant with joy and compassionate wisdom. We can realize our absolute sovereignty and freedom in every way.

In our conscious awareness we can fill our attention with gratitude for the perfection of our life and fulfillment of all of our heart’s desires. We can be beyond the confinements of any beliefs in personal limitation. This is all possible for anyone with a strong intention and willingness to practice intuitive awareness. We have many things to help us in our development, things like deep breathing techniques, soul-full singing and dancing, listening to inspiring music, and aligning with the energies of the Spirit of the Earth and all of the conscious beings in nature.

With some exceptions, we were born without conscious awareness of our true essence, and we have allowed ourselves to be programmed to believe that we are mortal and subject to the control of forces beyond our own capabilities. If we are willing to be spiritual adventurers, we can question this situation and turn our attention to ourselves to seek our true essence. Our personal truth is available for each of us to realize. It lives in the conscious life force that we constantly receive through the heart of our Being. We can open ourselves through gratitude to feel this energy. It has the quality of creation and enhancement of all life. We recognize it as love and joy.

In realizing our heart-consciousness, we can transcend ego-consciousness by filling our attention with our essential eternal presence of awareness of who we are. We can realize that we arise within the universal consciousness of the Being who constantly gives us our life essence with the freedom to use our life force however we choose. Once we can resolve and transcend limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can learn the truth about ourselves and our abilities in infinite love and creative power.

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