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Human Life as a Game of Consciousness

Because we’re unlimited in our essence, we’re uncomfortable living within our accepted human limitations. We’ve created super heroes, super athletes, super soldiers, and artificial intelligence. Even all of these have their limitations, and we keep striving to surpass our limits. As long as we embrace our own mortality, we will keep our limitations. Holding any amount of fear of personal demise keeps us entranced within the limitations of ego-consciousness, and we cannot know or follow our true intuition, which is in alignment with complete freedom.

Since few of us can remember beyond our physical birth, we must transcend our ego-consciousness in order to realize our greatness. There are many ways to know our essence beyond the body and beyond time and space. We know that there are psychics, who can project their awareness beyond the body, and yogis who live physically for centuries without growing old. There are many accounts of out-of-body experiences. So, apart from the body, who are we? This is what each of us is being challenged to realize.

If our consciousness can direct the body to be constantly filled with vitality and agelessness, as yogis with expanded consciousness have shown, we cannot be mortal in our essence. If we are not necessarily mortal, even in our physical bodies, we are immortal, and we have nothing to fear. The issue, though is the expanded consciousness part.

Universal consciousness has us covered with this. Deep within our consciousness each of us has an awareness that constantly guides us toward personal fulfillment. To be aware is this guidance, we can shift our awareness to the most grateful, compassionate and joyful feelings and thoughts that we can imagine. This opens us to our heart-consciousness and the inner knowing of life-enhancement in every situation. This requires strong intention and much practice.

Our human experience is a game of consciousness that we’re playing with ourselves and one another. The qualities of our experiences depend upon how we think and feel about ourselves in every moment. When we realize our eternal presence of awareness beyond form, we are free and unlimited. We can intentionally open ourselves to realization of limitless consciousness and the power of our creative ability in directing our lives.

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