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Finding Our Way Home

In every moment, we are expressions of the essence of infinite Creator Consciousness. In our presence of awareness, we are experiencing, through our physical senses and our emotions, what we are constantly creating within the realm that we choose to pay attention to. When we open our inner awareness to realms beyond our ego-consciousness, we free ourselves to reside in our infinite essence, where we are completely fulfilled in every way and are able to feel our true majesty in the unconditional love that is the essence of universal consciousness. This life-enhancing energy gives us our creative ability and power. We just need to flow with it, by being receptive to it and open to everything.

In our openness, we are free to use our creative attention in complete confidence to project the energy of our essence through our imagination and emotions into our experiences. When we know that we are ineffably imbued within universal consciousness, we can trust ourselves to align with life-enhancing energies in every moment. We free our creative power to modulate the energies that are in our awareness in alignment with the consciousness of our heart.

An important element in our presence of awareness is the nature of our perspective on life. This is shaped by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Through learning to penetrate the depth of our consciousness in a theta state of full awareness, we can recognize, resolve and release our limitations. We can understand that we are unique expressions of universal consciousness beyond spacetime. We are also given the ability to live however we want in the empirical world. It is the way we naturally want to feel and experience our lives. Unless we block out aspects of our life force, we are unlimited in how we can live.

By opening our awareness to the unconditional love and joy of Creator consciousness, which we live within, we free ourselves from all constraints and align ourselves with the energy of our essence. It is how we want to be in our true Self. All personal growth and expanding awareness must come from within. We cannot learn it from the experience of others. We are all inner directed and guided in our deepest consciousness. We become aware of this by wanting it. When we direct our attention to our inner knowing, it becomes clear to us. We may need intentional practice and keen observation of the energies that come up for us as we learn to enter deeper into our consciousness.

After eons of experience with life-diminishing energies, we have the choice of transforming our lives intentionally through awareness of our greater Being. We have been self-limiting beings. There is no force beyond ourselves that can control us without our permission. We share all the qualities and abilities of our Creator, and we have the opportunity to live in complete alignment with the consciousness that is the Source of everything. It is our natural state of Being in unconditional love and ecstasy, while supporting and enhancing all life everywhere.

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