Feeling the Warmth of Our Guidance

We can know and feel our inner divine guidance in every moment. Our eternal Self radiates its presence in our heart energy. When we are open and intentionally receptive, we are drawn into positive, higher vibrations in our thoughts and emotions. We have control over our attention, and when we focus on high-vibration scenarios, we attract compatible energy into our experience. In our human lives, we have developed a perspective of appreciation for the depth of darkness that can be suffered, and for our feeling of aversion toward it. We know what we want, because there’s a feeling of warmth toward it. It draws us into imagining something heart-felt and feeling ourselves experiencing it. This is how our inner guidance helps us to create what we want.

These feelings are natural for us. We don’t have to do anything to notice them, except to be aware. As we go through our lives, everything signifies something for us. If we are aware of this, we can know where our attention brings the greatest warmth for us and directs us to toward our true destiny. By holding this perspective with gratitude, we elevate our experiences, as we journey toward fulfilling our lives in every way.

Being sensitive to our intuitive guidance means paying attention to what we know deep within, while participating in the show all around us. We can hear our inner sound current, which stabilizes us emotionally, while allowing us to feel the warmth of our guidance. The energy that comes to us through our heart is completely life-enhancing. It arises from universal consciousness and conjoins us with the conscious awareness of all beings in the unity of spirit in unconditional love.

As we open to this experience, it can be a bit dizzying, because all the limits that we have lived within are gone. We’re navigating our lives essentially based on how and what we feel and what we observe and imagine, with no worries or fears or doubts about how we’re doing. We can be aware of the signs to guide us, and sometimes even verbal directions, when needed.

Living by intuitive guidance beyond ego-consciousness can carry us beyond our limited personalities and body consciousness and into awareness of our expanded Being in full Self-Realization. In our constant present awareness, open to intuitive knowing and feeling, we can realize our infinite creative ability. When we are moved to create something, we can realize what it is and feel ourselves experiencing it. Then we let it incubate, as our energy signature radiates the energy into the quantum field for manifestation, and we go about our lives and onto new experiences and challenges.

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