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Experiencing a Planetary Transition

We are living in a time of wonder and magic, if we can realize it. When we allow ourselves to be in its energetic vibrations, we open our awareness to its reality. As we use our ability to realize living in scenarios that align with our heart-felt energy, we express our creative essence. From our inner vibratory presence, we can enter a state of awareness in which we deeply know and feel that we are all conscious beings. All of us have the same inner light and loving essence, playing our roles in the experiential drama of humanity.


We’re receiving a strong energetic impulse, motivating us to break free of our acquired limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can recognize the qualities of energy in every circumstance and how they are being expressed. We can choose our focus to what we want to be grateful for right now. If we can be in the presence of gratitude in every moment, we can make an intentional leap in conscious expansion into a new reality of vitality and deepest love.


Personal transcendence is the strengthening energy flowing to us. As we refocus from accepting limitations to our magnificence, the era of enslavement to ego-consciousness is being dissolved, and pretense is disappearing. Our traditional and accustomed support systems are disappearing, being replaced by a realization of our creative essence that has no outer needs. We are eternally present in our infinite awareness, having unlimited creative power in our focused attention on the Source of our vitality. It is present in every cell and subatomic entity associated with us.


Whenever we are paying attention to what gives us joy and gratitude, we can be aware of the subtle stimulation in the depth of our Being. It is the energy that enhances all life in every way. A sense of lack is absent. This is the world of abundance, freedom and compassion. Our potential is to realize the reality of the world formed by the desires of our heart. It is present here more intensely than ever before. Being open in alignment and desirous of living in the world of heart-felt experiences, we can recognize that our world is changing. We can see the light in the eyes of everyone we encounter and feel its presence. By our constant focus on life-enhancement, we can create only loving and wonderful encounters. This is all possible for us now.

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