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Expanding Our Transformative Powers

As humans we have the opportunity to realize our eternal, infinite awareness and unlimited creative ability. Our human persons are only a masquerade for purposes of experiencing duality as if it is real and to enjoy the physical experience. Beyond the limiting beliefs that we have imposed upon ourselves to create the reality of human life, we can awaken into a completely fulfilling awareness, encompassing the awareness of every conscious being everywhere in unconditional love, compassion and joy. We can know and experience that in our essence we are free spirits, unlimited in whatever we wish to make real with our realization.

In our full awareness, we are multidimensional and can express ourselves as any being we wish to experience, and we can identify with the awareness of anyone. We are all the same essential conscious life, sharing our eternal awareness with everyone. The world of relativity, as Einstein understood it, is a synthetic creation of human consciousness that is dissolving into awareness of quantum expansion, in which the reality is a result of our personal recognition and realization, interacting with energetic expressions.

Humans appear to be fragile and necessarily fearful, lest we be swept up into chaos and suffering or be terminated. This is all a trick we play on ourselves in our consciousness with our limiting beliefs about ourselves. These are all artificial constructs that we have imposed on ourselves and can resolve at will. Because of the fear-based, limiting beliefs on which our ego-consciousness is based, we have been afraid to open ourselves to the truth of our Being. We have been unwilling to believe who we truly are and have not even wondered about our expanded identity.

In the vastness of our consciousness, we are the creative masters of universes and beyond, if this is the desire of our heart. When we are open to our intuition, we can realize the guidance coming through our heart, giving us infinite creative ability in every moment. In our true Being, we are beyond fear and doubt, beyond time and space, eternal in our infinite awareness within the consciousness of the Creator, of whom we are fractals of infinite creative Awareness, constantly and forever flowing divine life force into creative expressions through our moment-to-moment recognition and realization.

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