Expanding Our Heart Awareness

We can go into every encounter from a perspective of intuitive knowing from the heart. The vibratory resonance of the heart is very high. It is life-enhancing and sustaining, regardless of how we treat our heart. When we are in alignment with the energy of our heat, we are in our natural state of being. It is only positive or even beyond polarity, and it is a level of consciousness that feels joyous, kind and free. It’s an energetic dimension of unconditional love.

Along with an emotional high, we can enjoy greatly expanded awareness in every way, because in our true Being, we are unlimited. We can use our imagination to be our higher Self, while aligning with the energy of our heart. We can lay our hands on our heart, whenever we need conscious support, and we can feel the life force expanding in our awareness. We can align our awareness with this energy through our emotions and inner visions. We can go higher and higher into the truth of our Being in eternal, unlimited, creative awareness. We become brighter, and our DNA releases more photons of clearer light.

We can feel when we’re on the best path by our attitude in every moment. We can be in a place of confidence and joy, regardless of the energy we face beyond ourselves. That energy is irrelevant, because we can confront it with openness intuitively in the moment whenever we have to. It is our level of vibration that is important, knowing that everything is happening in our own consciousness. We set our own limits.

Some of us may be athletes, and some may be couch potatoes, but we all have access to the same consciousness with unlimited creative ability, which we actually do use all the time. We just haven’t realized it much. We’re constantly radiating the energy of our state of being into the quantum field, creating the vibratory level of experiences for ourselves. If we want to change our circumstances, we first need to make the change in our attitude and perspective. We can be however we want to be. Our state of being in any moment is totally our choice.

When we choose the energy of our heart, we create joy and beauty just by our vibratory level. If we are truly open to these energies, they feel natural for us, and we love them. The more we can bring them into our awareness, even imaginatively, the more we create them. While we go about our lives, we can practice being our higher Self in every moment, taking note when we falter, and knowing why, and then resolving our limitation with compassion and love.

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