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Expanding an Understanding of Life

If we desire to know and feel the fullness of our inner guidance, it is helpful to be able to enter the void of thought and emotion, and just to be aware of what arises in our imagination, realization and inner feelings. In our daily lives, anything negative that comes into our awareness bears some examination to understand its purpose in the moment that it occurs. We can quickly know what it is and allow the negative energy to be replaced with the quality of a more fulfilling state of being. This changes our empirical circumstance to support life-enhancing vibrations.

This transformation occurs at the rate that we are able to vibrate always in the range of gratitude, joy, compassion and love, in alignment with our heart-consciousness and intuition. Because this is our natural state of being, we are empowered by nature in the effectiveness of the use of our attention. When we pay attention, with gratitude and compassion, to life-enhancing scenarios in all of our situations, we enhance the energetic quality of our experiences, and everything becomes more enjoyable.

We are playing a game of consciousness with ourselves. In order to expand our greater awareness, we assumed limiting beliefs about ourselves so that we could experience living in duality in a convincing way. Our guidance for the way back to infinite awareness is through our intuitive inner knowing. To the extent that we are able to transcend our limiting beliefs, we can be aware of our intuitive guidance in every moment. It is always the most life-enhancing and loving way of knowing everything, and its vibrations are beyond the understanding of ego-consciousness, which is based in fear and doubt.

We determine how limited we desire to be. Our desire is sufficient to bring its fulfillment into our experience. Fear and doubt can diminish our creative intentions, but nothing holds us within the limited awareness of the consciousness of humanity, except our own beliefs. These we can resolve and release through compassionate intention, freeing ourselves to realize our expanded, unlimited presence of awareness.

If we choose to have complete confidence in ourselves, intuitive knowing is necessary. It comes from universal consciousness and knows everything about our human life. It is always present for us, whenever we give it our attention in the clearest and most unlimited way that we can. When we become acutely aware of our intuitive guidance, our understanding and wisdom grow and expand greatly, and we glow with the increasing radiance of enhanced vitality.

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