Enhancing Our Intuitive Alignment

If we desire to be successful on the inward journey, we must align ourselves with our intuitive knowing to the point that we can be confident in knowing everything we want to know in every moment. This is possible for us. It requires us to be open to being our higher Self, to align intentionally with only positive, high-frequency thoughts and feelings, and to dismiss all distractions from our concerns. To be in the state of being that invites awareness of our intuition, we can learn to discipline ourselves to have complete control over our thoughts and emotions, to be able to call them at will into awareness, and to be able to wield them intentionally, as good actors and actresses.

By controlling our mental and emotional operations, we are able to create and change our vibratory levels at will, allowing us to create whatever we want. When we are aligned with the energy of our heart, our lives are filled with joy and gratitude for the wonderful situations that occur for us. For this to happen, we must remain positive, loving and compassionate in all encounters, real and imaginary. In our true Being, we cannot be threatened or intimidated, because we know intuitively that we are eternal and unlimited creators, and we can master every situation.

We can create ourselves out of any scenario that we desire to leave by refocusing and realigning ourselves with the energy we desire to experience. This may require great intention and confidence in deepest love and gratitude for the light that is within and all around us. Although we need technology to detect this, our environment is filled with light from the presence of photons emitted by all living beings and inherent in the quantum field. Our DNA emits photons, making us beings of light, and we live within our own radiance, which we can recognize, as our awareness expands into our true Being. The brighter we are in high vibrations, the more radiant we become.

Since there is only One consciousness, which we participate in as creators, we can learn to control our state of being by resolving all of our accrued beliefs and fears, so that we can be present in awareness without thought or emotion, just being aware. This can be our normal state of Being, while we go about our lives, guided by our intuition. With our love and compassion, we can contribute to the elevation of humanity’s vibratory resonance, while aligning ourselves with the rising vibratory patterns of the Spirit of the Earth, which we can learn to feel, when we’re alone in nature. In the wild places, we may become aware of many spirit beings, who express themselves just beyond human perceptive ability, and we may communicate with them in love and joy.

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