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Directing the Living Play of Energies

The nature of dark energy is to absorb light and life. Dark energy is the source of anti-matter and everything that is the opposite of matter, light and vitality. We would not know about light, if we did not know about the dark. For any kind of expression, there must be an expression of the opposite polarity, because the universe is striving for balance and adjusting to anomalies. Humanity has been an anomaly of dark energy that threatens to self-destruct by becoming an energetic black hole that absorbs the light and life-force of our accustomed reality.

As we realize our greater reality of light and vitality, we can leave the dark, negative frequencies to be unexpressed in our presence. They still exist in potential in the quantum field, but they are not in our experience. We can choose to have constant awareness of what we deeply know and feel about our own nature. We can choose to live in alignment with gratitude, love, compassion and joy. These are all part of the nature of the light of our life-force, which we receive constantly from the consciousness that we arise within.

It is possible to know ourselves, our capabilities and the vastness of our non-localized presence of awareness. Our true nature is beyond the comprehension of our ego-mind and our realization of reality, but we can open our awareness to our essence through our intuition and heart-consciousness, by aligning ourselves with life-enhancing expressions. These are the vibrations of our true nature, and we all know how they feel and how desirable they are. We are naturally drawn to them, and we can recognize them clearly because of our exposure to darkness and negativity. Through this realization, we can begin to trust ourselves to use our creative ability for life-enhancement everywhere.

When we realize our true nature and the essence of our consciousness, we can resolve and release our limiting beliefs about ourselves, because they no longer apply to anything. What is real for us is what we realize is real. As long as we live in the empirical matrix, it provides the stage upon which we play our roles in the human drama. The qualities of our lives result from how we feel about ourselves and the energies that we project with our thoughts and emotions.

By paying attention to the life-enhancing expressions of our heart-consciousness, we can realize that we are free, appreciative and fulfilled in every way. Our intuitive knowing guides us in every moment to understand our situation and receive what we need and desire.

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