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Development of Inner Knowing

The way we attain something is by recognizing its vibrations and aligning with it. If we become spiritual adventurers, we can give ourselves permission to open to greater conscious realization and find out what happens. We do this by imagining the quality of creative consciousness that gives us conscious awareness and life force. This opens our awareness to the vibratory patterns that we feel supported by. When we align with these energies, we resonate with our intuitive knowing and feeling, and we can recognize our inner guidance for what it is.

This kind of resonance cannot happen in ego-consciousness, because the ego’s fears disable expansion of awareness. If we choose to live within the limitations of the ego, we cannot align ourselves with our inner knowing, which is free of fear and doubt. We must make a change in perspective from engaging with negativity to aligning with life-enhancement everywhere. If we can deprive negativity of our attention and engagement, and instead fill our awareness with joy and celebration, we can align ourselves with our deeper sense of Being, which brings complete fulfillment.

Since we all share the same essence of infinite consciousness, our potential awareness is unlimited. Our potential becomes our experience when we can realize its reality for us. It’s that simple, but this can happen only when we can transcend ego-consciousness. We don’t have to convince ourselves of anything. This is not a mental process, it’s an etheric process, and it’s how we realize our reality, resulting in its creation in our experience. Our intuition is unlimited and ever-present, whether we are aware of it or not. Awareness of it requires our intentional alignment with its vibratory level, transcending ego-consciousness and personally-limiting beliefs.

By intentionally living in gratitude for every experience, regardless of its energetic quality, we can open ourselves to greater awareness of a higher dimension of living. Whatever quality of radiance we emit determines the kind of experiences presented to us. When we recognize our intuitive guidance, everything becomes possible for us. Our subconscious takes loving directions from us and aligns with our true inner knowing, opening our awareness to the vastness of our inner Being.

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