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Conscious Transcendence

Designed to provide experiences in duality, the world of human experience contains an undercurrent of fear of suffering and termination, because we believe in the death of the body. Negative beliefs have led us to subject ourselves to the dictates of parasites, because we’ve allowed ourselves to be intimidated. We have been trained to believe that we must live within the structures of our society, when, in our true Self, we are infinitely creative.

Our ego consciousness does not know this and cannot believe that we can create everything we need and desire. Because we are by nature energy modulators, our beliefs filter all of the energy that we are aware of. When we believe that something is real, we can experience it as real.

The designs of our traditional experience are changing, and material cause and effect is not necessarily how things happen now. We have learned that our consciousness is the origin and creator of our life experiences. We are either positive or negative. Humans generally are negative to some degree, because we have this undercurrent of fear. Until we decide to transform, we are restricted to the matrix experience that we have accepted as real. This is the world of human experience, limited by our beliefs in our mortality, the necessity to work for money, and a feeling of lack of love and joy.

Unless we choose it, we are not required to subject ourselves to any of this. We have the choice to expand our conscious awareness. This happens by aligning with higher vibrations that are positive. We can be aware of these in the energy of our heart. Our heart works tirelessly to enhance our vitality to the extent that we allow, by how we think and feel about everything in every moment, and how we care for ourselves. Our heart cannot be intimidated.

By asking within ourselves for higher guidance and then being open to receiving our inner knowing, we can learn to align with our intuition. Our real breakthrough happens when we can realize our eternal present awareness in great love, gratitude and joy, which are the expressions of the consciousness of our expanding Self, drawing to us experiences that stimulate those feelings. This level of consciousness transforms our lives and enables us to be Self-sufficient in every way.

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