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Conscious Light Is Enveloping Our Awareness

The reality we recognize as humans is constantly stimulating our physical senses within the energetic band of polarities and frequencies of the dualistic world of empiricism. We are limited to this version of reality by self-imposed beliefs about ourselves. There is no reality for us beyond our beliefs, except for the intuition of our heart. This is where we are connected to consciousness beyond the ego-mind. It is the consciousness of constant creation of new life and experiences, shared by all conscious beings. To access our heart-consciousness, we must intentionally align with its feelings and sense of knowing by calming our thoughts and emotions and allowing the expressions of our heart to pervade us.

All conscious beings emit an electromagnetic radiance, including photons of light. If we allow ourselves to feel this radiance, it is present for us. Every ability that is hidden in our subconscious can be available to us, if we can realize it intuitively. Our true essence expresses itself through our heart-consciousness.

What we perceive as outside of us is occurring in our own consciousness, and is being presented to us as a review of what we imagined, feared and loved. The cause of our experiences is the patterns of energy that we vibrate at. How we react to experiences determines our vibratory expression and provides the creative intent for our new experiences. If we can stay aligned with our heart-consciousness, all of our abilities begin to open to us.

Regardless of what may appear to be happening outside of us, our personal expression of heart-consciousness is what enables us to create life-enhancing experiences. Our vibrations are our creative expressions that interact with any energetic patterns that we pay attention to. As long as we’re aligning with duality, our interactions are positive or negative, and they return to us as the qualities of our experiences. In the realm of duality, the expressions of heart-consciousness are always positive. When we align with our deepest gratitude, love and joy, we are in the presence of our heart-consciousness. This is our conscious life-force flowing to us in creative love within infinite consciousness.

As we become aware of our heart-consciousness, and pay attention to its stimulations, we open ourselves to greater awareness of our infinite presence and unlimited life-enhancing abilities. We can be aware of the light-being in everyone and everything that exists. It is all our own Being and our connection with universal consciousness and the Being it arises from, and whom we are fractals of in eternal presence of awareness.

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