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Choosing the Quality of Our Life Path

Whatever is happening contains the clues to awareness of an elevating energy that is drawing us toward more expansiveness and greater love. If we choose to focus our attention on that level of energy, we can be mentally and emotionally attracted enough to vibrate at that level. We can choose to be either positive or negative. Neither one is better or worse than the other. They just provide different qualities of experience. We’ve been down both paths, and we know the kind of experiences that they offer or impose. Now, in complete freedom, we can choose for ourselves the spectrum of vibrations we want to align with, regardless of what may be happening around us. We know the kind of experiences we want. If we decide to go the positive route, our experiences will be very different from the negative route.

The negative route has no intuitive guidance. Higher guidance works when we choose to be only positive, anchored in unconditional love and compassion. Here there is an abundance of joy, and there’s an easy flow in living. Conditions are supportive of everything that enhances us and all of humanity and beyond.

It is the nature of the path that we’re on to provide experiences that resonate with its energetics. We cocreate with the energies that we focus on. The qualities that we are aware of come to us filtered through our limiting beliefs about ourselves. If we critically examine our beliefs, we can come to their origin and accept them with compassion and love, resolving them.

Positive energies do not have limitations, as opposed to negative energies, which are limited by potential dissolution. Positive energies are regenerative and enhance the vitality of everyone. They result in fun and enjoyment. The level of our ecstasy is infinite. In this state of Being, we can know unconditional love, gratitude, joy, freedom and abundance in every way. For every moment that we can be completely positive, our vibratory spectrum radiates our energetic pattern into the quantum field, out of which arise the qualities of our life experiences in the forms appropriate to our environment.

Here's a vision that we can manifest for anyone who loves having a body. We can learn to vibrate at a very high, positive frequency and train our physical cells to resonate with us, raising the vibrations of our physical bodies, so that we can still have the enjoyment of physicality in a higher dimension, where everything is positive. We can realize our physicality as essentially a vibratory pattern that resonates with infinite Being.

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