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Choosing Negativity or Positivity in Each Moment

When developing inner sensitivity to our intuition, the first thing that we hear is our inner sound current. That lets us know that we’re in the right vibratory resonance. As long as we can align with the energy of our heart, we can be aware of this sound, which disappears when we change to negative in our momentary energetic alignment. When we ask for guidance within, we need to pay attention, because intuitive guidance is instantaneous or even before we complete our request. It comes most strongly through our feelings and requires openness and clarity for true understanding.

We can begin this process by being aware of how we feel about every decision we make, and every decision that someone else makes for us, and that we acquiesce to. These decisions represent our ego’s attempts to achieve fulfillment, while also fearing termination. Fulfillment is a positive goal and cannot be achieved by a negative orientation. In order to reach fulfillment, we can be only positive. We are essentially beings of love and compassion.

If we keep searching for how we would like to feel in every encounter, regardless of what kind of energy we’re facing, we can imagine feeling positive and experiencing positive energy, even if we’re encountering negative energy. Once we begin walking the inner path, every encounter becomes guidance for being sensitive to our intuition and following it. It is the awakening of the unique genius for each of us.

When we resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and we imagine expanding our awareness to our unlimited Self, we can train ourselves to become aware of a higher dimension of living. When we recognize it as real, this becomes our experience. It comes from being only positive and requires practice and confidence that becomes knowing. A transformation of our psyche occurs.

As we expand into our true Self, we can confidently know that we are infinitely powerful creators. This enables us to enhance the lives of everyone we encounter with the radiance of unconditional love and deep understanding. In this way we can transform humanity by repolarizing and raising the energetic signature of our species.

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