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Enchanted Being

Perhaps we can begin to imagine experiencing the most powerfully alluring personal fulfillment in every way. This varies for everyone, but there is one dominant vibration, and that is of being unlimited. We can be unlimited in experiencing eternal love, joy, abundance and infinite creative ability. These are the feelings and abilities of the universal Creator, of whom we are fractals in our Self-Awareness.

Together with all of humanity, we have created the empirical matrix of our beliefs. We each have ego-consciousness, created out of the desire for limitation, which we either support or accede to. All of these limitations are self-imposed and can be self-released. They are set deeply in our psyche and can be resolved through transcendence into expanding present awareness.

Because we got stuck in negative feedback loops of suffering and death of the body, we developed deep fears. They could develop only because we were unaware of our unlimited nature. Once our awareness opens beyond time and space, our limitations become unbelievable, and we can drop them. This can transform our human lives, which become an obvious play of mostly-scripted characters and scenes for our fun and learning, including all the emotional drama. We have the conscious choice of influencing the script by our creative responses in our experiences, and in our predominant polarity and vibratory level. Everything is designed to move toward compatibility.

By holding our focus mostly with gratitude in every situation, we can experience mostly situations that elicit that perspective. The more we can stay in gratitude in every moment, the more our lives improve in every way. In gratitude we can live in clear objectivity, in acceptance and forgiveness. By directing the quality of our perspective and our emotional state, we create the quality of our experiences. As our energy radiates into the quantum field enveloping us, compatible energetic patterns are attracted to us. As we recognize them and believe that they are real, we experience them in our lives.

We are multidimensional without realizing it. Our thoughts and emotions have no counterpart in the empirical world. They are strictly aspects of our conscious awareness, and they have not been entirely quarantined within our limited human consciousness. We can have wonderful visionary and imaginary creations, in which we can feel ourselves living. These kinds of endeavors influence the destiny of our encounters in life.

By using our creative abilities in our attention, we can transcend any limitations and challenges. If we can be intentionally positive as much as possible, our lives will fill mostly with love and joy. By practicing transcendence, we develop a strong perspective of being present in eternal Self-Awareness. This is the beginning of mastery, of creating miracles and of living in unity of awareness with all conscious beings.

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