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Becoming a Spiritual Super Athlete

Super athletes are able to keep being more daring and to keep pushing human limits by convincingly imagining themselves doing it. This is also how we can achieve expanded consciousness and mastery of the material world. It is available to all of us. We just have to convincingly imagine and feel ourselves living in scenarios at its vibratory level. This is a challenge for us, because of the depth of programming that we have accepted about ourselves as limited in our ability to realize our true nature and infinite presence.

Imagining ourselves doing something extraordinary beyond physical feats and even psychological feats, is part of our creative ability. As we express our thoughts and emotions, their energetics radiate within and around us, attracting compatible energy patterns to provide experiences for us. When we are confident and assured, we modulate the energy patterns around us and within our awareness into resonance with us. Apart from any other influences or circumstances that we may be participating in, we have the ability to direct our thoughts and emotions through our imagination into alignment with our natural vibratory level in infinite presence of awareness.

Achieving infinite awareness comes naturally for us, once we free ourselves from believing that we are incapable of it. We have to resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves and move beyond them. This is what makes a super athlete. We can all do this, once we can convince ourselves that we really are limitless.

A good practice can be examining our personal beliefs. What is their essence, what are they based on? We’ll find that all limitation is based on fear of some kind. It is produced in our own emotions. It does not exist outside of us. Because of the belief in suffering and mortality, fear is a necessary component of the human experience. The clue here is mortality. For a person enclosed within the conscious limitations of duality, it can be helpful to read accounts and watch videos of people who have had convincing out-of-body experiences and have returned to their momentarily dead bodies to tell us about what happened.

Our conscious awareness does not die; instead, we become much more expansively aware and without personal needs to satisfy. This is our natural state of being. In our essence, we are our presence of awareness. We have absolute control of our own energies always, whether expressing ourselves through our physical bodies or beyond them, but we must learn how to direct our attention and how to align emotionally in every moment with the energetic levels that are enhancing for all life, and not have interference from our ego-consciousness.

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