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Awareness within Divine Consciousness

If we have a deep desire to know our essence beyond spacetime, we can ask to be drawn into awareness within the consciousness that creates everything. We must loosen our grip on the human trance and be willing to release all of our knowledge, needs and wants. We can essentially disappear from our accustomed life in order to reappear as more loving versions of ourselves, and also know our non-localized presence of awareness, always present with the intention of enhancing all life and transforming parasites into light beings by our presence.


There is an energetic quality of the cycle of life that we have entered. It is an age of light imbued with unconditional acceptance and creative love and joy beyond polarity. Destructive energies are being brought into the light, where they become energetically unstable and either self-destruct or become transformed. We see this happening in politics, in the media and elsewhere now. The psychopaths are losing their grip on the human psyche and are becoming insane.


From our galactic center, increasingly intense creative energy is being radiated through our Sun, which is growing brighter and illuminating our consciousness, if we allow it and invite it in. Every experience of ours is subject to our free will. We decide how we’re experiencing everything. Our perspective and choices determine the vibratory qualities that we attract into our experience. With the light growing stronger, our choices become clearer, as we experience their results.


For everything that we can be grateful for, we invite unconditional love and joy into our lives. These are the qualities of our essence without form or substance, and they are everything that we love. They are innate to us, and we know them intuitively.


According to quantum science, the basic constituents of the empirical cosmos are dissolved and created trillions of times each second. Scientifically, it is possible to recognize the direction of the cosmic creative vibratory expressions over time. It appears that every subatomic entity arises anew in every moment. Intuitively we can go deeper into our origin, recognizing the vibratory qualities that resonate with our choices of attention and alignment. We hold in our awareness a spectrum of vibratory frequencies that express human consciousness. We all know about how music can change octaves. There is a dominant octave of human consciousness, and few of us go far beyond it, even though the number of octaves is unlimited.


Constantly arising eternally in every moment, we are the moment in our awareness, always present everywhere that we give our creative attention to.  In the heart of our Being, we are the Creator. This is our essence, infinite and life-enhancing. It offers guidance and love through prompting us in our intuition and even with symbolic events in our lives. When we desire it and align with its vibrations, it is always present in our awareness. We can open ourselves, allow, desire, and be grateful for infinite awareness within universal consciousness. This is where we originate as fractals of infinite consciousness, presently expressing ourselves as our human persons in order to participate in the kinds of experiences that humans have, while continuing to attend to the vibrations that create our lives.

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