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Awareness of Inner Guidance

Our deepest guidance from within constantly inspires us on how to be most radiantly joyful beings in every moment. To be aware of the life-enhancing inspiration of knowing everything, we must desire to be present in its energetic spectrum beyond ego-consciousness. In our innate knowing beyond the ego, we naturally make wonderful decisions about everything we experience, and our lives run smoothly in resonance with our innate life force. This is an individual path, and its realization must come from within ourselves.

As long as we react to negativity by using it in our psyche, we create it in our experiences, and we suffer the consequences. It diminishes our lives. We have compartmentalized our awareness by adopting limiting, negative beliefs about ourselves, resulting in fear, that we created. Without our interaction and life force, negativity disappears from our experience. At any time, we can resolve and release our limiting beliefs, and we can pay attention to people and things that inspire us with the energies of love, joy and beauty. If these fill our awareness, we open ourselves to fulfillment in every way.

As we are able to transcend ego-consciousness by releasing all fear and doubt, we gain access to our ability to create whatever we want that will enhance our lives and everyone we interact with. Our lives become miraculous and without stress. It is not believable in ego-consciousness, but it happens on an energetic level and manifests in our experience. In our mental and emotional alignment with only life-enhancing energy, we can live in a higher dimension in parallel to the realm of duality.

By realizing that we live in a vast field of electromagnetic energy, containing every possible kind of expression, and we are modulators of that energy, we can recognize our creative ability emanating from our mental and emotional processes, filtered by our beliefs about ourselves. Although we live under the influence of powerful energies of enslavement, we are the only ones who can limit our creative ability and keep ourselves from knowing our true essence.

Personal limitations are artificial mental and emotional constraints that we have imposed upon ourselves out of fear. They have no essence of their own, and they exist only because we create them with our beliefs. When we penetrate deeply within our essence, beyond ego-consciousness, we can open our awareness to heart-consciousness and realize our presence within universal consciousness

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