Awakening from Our Trance within Space and Time

On the path to full awakening from the hypnotic trance of humanity, our goal is to resonate with the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. We can recognize that we are fractals of the Creator, endowed with infinite creative ability. Access to the abilities that we have blocked ourselves from comes through our Intuition in the energy of our heart. Our intuition is our conjunction with universal consciousness. Intuition is its own proof of what we know without any other proof. It is always life-enhancing and compassionate, and it guides us in the way that we choose. When we search for it, it is always present in a positive way for us to be aware of.

In order truly to open ourselves to our potential, we can transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, by intentionally focusing on scenarios filled with joy and love, while choosing not to pay attention to thoughts and feelings that diminish life. We can set our preferences to the greatest brightness, and be able to feel it, even in the darkest of beings. They also are us in the deepest aspect of being, where we have shut a supremely fearful experience into a private compartment of our consciousness. Unavailable to our conscious awareness, the unresolved, deep-seated feelings of disconnection from life still haunt us vibrationally and keep us from knowing our true essence.

By realizing that we are free in our awareness, we can understand how limitations diminish our lives. They are manifestations of fear and are the opposite polarity of love. True love is unlimited, as is our awareness. When we are in resonance with universal consciousness, we can realize that we are our eternal, presence of Self-awareness, apart from our physical identity. Our physical body is a manifestation of each moment of our energetic presence, the alignment of our thoughts and emotions.

Since the universe is always balanced, every action that we take is what we are doing to ourselves. This is what is known as karma. We experience sending the energy out and receiving it back into our experience. Being always positive in the energy we send out, brings compatible energy back to us. As we are able to maintain a positive perspective of brightness, we gain the ability to transcend our limiting beliefs. Without beliefs, we can be guided by our intuitive thoughts and feelings. This attention enables us to be lavished in creative manifestations of the natural desires of our heart.

When we can realize that we are the creators of the energies that form our experiences, we can learn how to align with the energies that we want to experience, including energies that we have considered impossible for us personally, like higher mathematics, telepathy and thought travel. Since all of our limitations are self-imposed, we can transcend them by paying attention to the qualities, in all of their richness and subtleties, of our intuitive guidance in each moment.

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