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Anticipating Life with Confidence

As our traditional social, monetary, political and military systems are beginning to collapse, our more enhanced way of being is arising. We are being urged by nature and our greater environment to listen to our heart. There are crises all around, causing our ego-consciousness to be in fear of what’s happening, because there is no apparent escape from utter chaos or complete enslavement. But we have other choices. If we choose to let go of fear and strife, we can give our attention to what we love and enjoy in the deepest ways.

Within our intuition we know and understand our current situation. We are held in fear and stress by our own belief system, based in fear of suffering and termination. We have believed in our limitations, but we can change our perspective by intentionally recognizing a different reality and realizing ourselves living in it. By recognizing and aligning with heart-consciousness, we can live well in any dimension. Everything is, in its essence, part of Creator consciousness.

All future experiences are created by our energetic resonance in how we feel about ourselves in every moment. Once we realize that we are infinitely powerful creators, and we are constantly using this power with our mental and emotional processes, we can be complete in ourselves. Our polarity and vibratory level determine our experiences. When we release fear and replace it with love, we change our polarity and the trajectory of our lives. We can feel that unconditional love is the quality of our conscious life-force.

Our essence is our presence of awareness, which we control with our attention. We create the negativity and positivity in our experiences by how we feel in every moment. It is our vibrations. This is what our subconscious is aware of and broadcasts through our aura into the quantum field. When we react with negativity or positivity, that is what we are creating in our future. We are energy modulators and creators of experiences through our imagination and emotions. This is the power we have been unaware of. We all have it, and we all use it all the time.

By becoming aware of our creative ability, we can learn to control our minds and emotions, so that we constantly express the desires of life-enhancement. We can live gratefully and joyfully in the eternal present, with awareness of everything, everywhere, all at once. In this state of Being, we can direct our paths in life to the most personally fulfilling ones. In every moment we have infinite choices for being ourselves and forming experiences. All opportunities are always present, awaiting our recognition to become real for us. We can reach out with our imagination and feelings, always anticipating greater enhancement of all life. We choose our own future, and we choose how we feel in every moment.

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