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Aligning with Ascension Energies

Our world of dualistic reality is being transformed into a higher, more positive vibratory band of energetics. Dualism is dissolving. Our world has been freed from negative control, and the energetic environment that we share is becoming a shared consciousness of the awareness of everyone. We can telepathically realize our natural state of Being as luminous Beings of eternal presence of awareness, endowed with infinitely powerful creative ability. We are fractals of Creator consciousness, awakening from of the hypnotic trance of humanity.

By paying attention to our intuitive knowing and aligning our feelings with the energy of our heart. In a very expansive way, we can elevate our own vibrations into joy and compassion. We can merge into our subconscious and resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves. As we intentionally raise our vibrations positively, fear and doubt transmute into another dimension. We are now stimulated only by our own conscious awareness. We no longer need to stay in the compartment of consciousness that we have lived in.

As we resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves, our ego-consciousness disappears, because it has been based on the negative vibrations of fear and doubt. Aligning with negative polarity, we could not be aware of our heart-consciousness and higher guidance. It is now easy to release our attachment to the limitations we accepted in our subjection to strong negativity, which no longer exists on this planet. What still appears to be negative governing power is only a show. It has no essence any more and can control us only if we believe it’s real and engage with its energetics.

Instead of reacting in life-diminishing ways to negative situations in our lives, we have the choice of paying attention to our heart-consciousness and being in gratitude and joy, even in ego-threatening situations. We can understand the energetics that are present and can transform them in our imagination and emotions by intentionally aligning with our heart-consciousness in awareness within universal consciousness. Because this vibratory level of awareness is in a different dimension from negativity, we can choose to be brought into alignment only by positivity. This is life-transforming for us. Our experiences manifest the energy of our heart, bringing us expanding joy and fulfillment.

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Words, for expressing emotions, are utterly lame (some kind of energetic 'gap,' alot like one's Spark Plugs firing inefficiently [I vibe w/my auto, which is why I have an old, quirky, pre-computerized Swede--my Nordic Warrior's chariot 😄). Sending you appreciation for showing that 'Dancing Wu Li Masters' are Everywhere... [word 'spells' in the wild (pos or neg)] ... Eg., E-ver-y-where...'ver' as Truth, and/or Green--Heart(h) chakra. So, Truth is Found in the Heart, which is omni-present/potent?

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
Dec 24, 2022
Replying to

I refer to our inner knowing as intuition or the energy of the heart of our Being, symbolized by the heart. It may come through various channels in our psychic structure, commonly through the higher chakras. Sometimes what I need to know comes through my voice as I speak. Thank you for your engagement.

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