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Accepting Our Invitation to Conscious Expansion

When we’re in a beautiful and serene place in nature, we may want to drift off into the eternal One, connecting to the awareness of all conscious beings around us. Intention and practice enable this awareness in us. While we are all the same consciousness, we each have our unique personal awareness. If we are curious about what may be beyond our personal awareness, and we get serious about it, and we search for it and are open to know and understand, guidance will come as prompts from our inner knowing and from our continuing circumstances. We always have guidance for finding our way to realizing who we really are in the depth and expansiveness of our consciousness, and the quality of our true essence.

When we imagine living in gratitude, love and joy, we create experiences that elicit the same feelings. When we imagine our awareness being drawn into alignment with infinite consciousness, our emotions become vast, and we become aware of our creative power. In this state, we can transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, because they are not true. All of them have the essence of fear, which we can have only if we create it for ourselves. It has no essence of its own, apart from the life-force that we give it through our attention and alignment. Without our intention, it could not exist for us.

When we stop paying attention to the compromised media, we help to dissolve the media’s negative energy. It is presented as an appearance of truth, but it’s really mostly lies and anomalies of the truth. Even the movies and TV shows are designed to contain our awareness. The media cannot exist without our attention. By withdrawing our attention, the negative energies of all kinds drift away from our experiences. In our experiences, our thoughts and emotions can always be open, curious and observant of our inner guidance, regardless of what may be happening outside of our immediate situation.

When we decide that we want to expand the radiance of our heart, we can open ourselves to our deepest knowing and feeling about everything. As we become proficient in our intuitive awareness and guidance, life becomes fun and fulfilling. We can realize our eternal presence of awareness constantly arising in us. By paying attention to this awareness, we can keep expanding into new and enlightening experiences.

Transcending our self-imposed limitations of every kind allows us to realize our divine essence and infinite creative power. We can realize our awareness beyond space/time, and we can be always compassionate, loving and joyful. This level of vibratory radiance attracts its reflection from the quantum field of all potentialities and provides a dimension of living with only life-enhancing energies for us to enjoy while strengthening the heart-consciousness of humanity in alignment with the consciousness of the Spirit of the Earth.

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