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Truth in the Face of Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of artificial intelligence, it has become very difficult to know the truth about anything, unless we are aware of the vibrations being directed toward us, compared to the vibrations of our heart-consciousness. If we want to know these subtle energetic patterns, we must be willing and desirous of exploring our own consciousness beyond the empirical human trance. All energetic patterns have polarity. We can recognize this by how we feel about the scenarios in our attention, apart from our own preferences and judgments. If the energy is positive in the human spectrum of awareness, it is vibrating synchronously with our heart-consciousness, and we can feel its truth. If the energy is negative, it is essentially incoherent and life-diminishing. This is an artificial creation without heart. Paying attention to negative scenarios gives them our creative life force.


We do not need to engage with any negative events or scenarios. They are part of the vibratory spectrum that is dissolving under the increasingly higher-frequency-energy filling our conscious and subconscious awareness. We are being drawn to find and accept our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Since we do not need them, we can neutralize them through the energy of our essence at the heart of our Being, where we are filled with gratitude, joy, and the conscious power of unlimited creation. Opening our awareness to this reality provides a deep knowing of the nature of all energetic patterns. When we live in the vibratory spectrum of truth, only truth exists in our experience.


Since we have been programed to live in a world of duality, we see falsehood in abundance, and it’s getting more intense and difficult to believe anything. This is by design. We are being guided to look beyond the self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves. We are living in an energetic shift of the Earth and all of nature. When we are sensitive to Earth vibrations, as broadcast through nature and the brilliance of our Sun, we become aware of the energetic shift in our dimension of life. There is a flow toward regeneration and life-enhancement. The Earth is recovering from the scourge of human mistreatment. By living in the vibrations of creative love, we exempt ourselves from the world of duality and allow it to dissolve without our life force.


Whether we are conscious that our essence of awareness is eternal, we can all recognize that we live in the present moment. The past and future are imaginary. Only our present awareness is real. Every possible experience is available to us through our attention and imagination. When we resolve and release all of our attachments and limitations, we can gain awareness, in gratitude, love and joy, of the infinite consciousness that we direct and live within.

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