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Learning to Transform Our Lives

The energies of our cosmic environment are drawing us into alignment with the consciousness of the Creator. Quantum physicists recognize universal consciousness, but they do not know the qualities of its essence. They do know that we are part of it, and that we participate in infinite consciousness. Every entity that exists arises within universal consciousness. We all share in the identity of humanity, expressing ourselves in ways that enable us to participate in experiences that we choose to have. We choose them by the qualities of our beliefs about ourselves and our perspective, by which we modulate the energies that we recognize and focus our attention on. We direct the vibratory expressions of the qualities of our thoughts and feelings, creating our personal radiance.

All of us together participate in the consciousness of humanity and create our state of being. As we become more observant, we can realize our increasing compassion and desire for peace. The desire for greater freedom, love and abundance is increasing. When we are able to realize how we are the directors of our attention, the qualities we desire can come into our experience through our alignment with their vibrations. As we imagine ourselves being compassionate and kind in every circumstance, including for ourselves, we come into alignment with the energy of the heart of our Being.

We are being prompted to resolve our attachments to everything. Because we have the innate ability to create and manifest everything we could ever want through our connection with universal consciousness, we are the creators of everything we realize as real. We control our realization, subject to our beliefs about ourselves. We choose our own limitations in every moment, either intentionally or by default to our subconscious programming.

By reprogramming our subconscious, we can intentionally expand our conscious awareness and transform our realization. We can take drastic steps in interfering with our subconscious operations to open our awareness to our innate, expanded identity, by challenging ourselves to overcome our perceived limitations, and by living to realize that we are greater than we had believed. If we challenge ourselves to be grateful in situations that we that we dislike, we enable the reprogramming of our subconscious to vibrate at a higher resonant frequency.

Since we hold all of reality as we know it in our own consciousness, we have the ability to change our conscious awareness to a realm of compassion, love, joy and personal fulfillment. This can occur by our intention to elevate our own reality. By imagining that we are living in a world of energetic support for all life, we can realize this quality of vibratory alignment in our mental and emotional state of being, transforming our life experience in alignment with our true essence in the consciousness of our Creator.

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Tommy Efreeti
Tommy Efreeti
Oct 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

True from the perspective of this vessel as well. Reality conforms to conviction of belief. To believe in no self is the ultimate freedom- freedom from desire. to understand Brahman powers belief is to transcend All. . .🕉️

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