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Intentionally Changing Dimensions

Consciousness is a non-localized presence of awareness with memory, intentions, interests, understanding and creative ability with mental and emotional processes. Being non-localized, consciousness provides potentially infinite awareness. Our essence and all that exists for us occurs within infinite consciousness. We may infer that infinite consciousness is part of a greater Being, whom we can know through its energetic expressions, which come to us through the heart of our Being, and through the expressions of our pets and all creatures whom we are intimate with. The same can be understood for the plants and trees that we live around and interact with on subtle levels.

We have been accustomed to keeping our awareness enclosed within an energetic box of beliefs about who we are. This has been necessary for our experience in the empirical world of good and evil. Without the experience of darkness and death, we did not know what they are and what their relation to light and love means. Now we have a deeper understanding of life and the importance of wanting always to expand love and joy in the enhancement of all life. We no longer need to subject ourselves to negativity. Our participation has always been voluntary in the depth of our consciousness. When we become aware of this, we gain the ability to choose how we want to use our awareness and how we want to create our lives. We can realize that we can be the absolute directors of our energetic participation in every experience and in our imaginary visions and feelings.

Instead of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, while struggling to survive, we can change our lives to feeling fulfilled in every way and being grateful and loving in every encounter, and in our random thoughts and feelings. We can come to know our true essence as participants in universal consciousness, unlimited in every way and able to create everything we need and desire just by imagining having them in our presence and feeling ourselves experiencing them with gratitude and joy, like when we return home and our dog jumps for joy just for our presence.

In the dimension of life-enhancement, there is no fear or any negativity. This is the realm we are being drawn into. It exists right here and now in a higher vibratory spectrum than the enclosure of consciousness that humanity has lived within. By intentionally living in the conscious expressions of our heart, we can experience the magic and joy of wonderful experiences always. By creating a vibratory signature based in gratitude, joy, compassion and love, we attract those energetic patterns into our encounters, bringing fulfillment and greatness into our lives.

During our transition from fear to love, we remain aware of all the negativity happening among humanity, but as we focus our attention on creation and enhancement of all life, negativity and negative people magically disappear out of our lives. It’s not really magic, but a change in energetic octaves. Making this change requires intuitive knowing that it is true and realizing it in our experience. What we realize as real is an expression of our choice of what we believe.

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Jul 18, 2023
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