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How We Create Our Life Experiences

We live in an energetic field of all possibilities and potentialities. Every possible way of life and expression of consciousness is available for us. We only need to realize that we are living in its reality in every way we can imagine. This aligns us with the energetic pattern of the reality we choose. We can take ourselves there. Expanding our learning curve, we can play with energetic patterns and understand their nature. We can look more deeply into our own nature to discover our true essence and abilities. We cannot compete with the subconscious in enlivening our bodies and controlling our energetic signature, except that the subconscious has only deductive reasoning, while we also have inductive reasoning. This places the subconscious as our necessary servant in navigating the human world and staying in the body. We can train our subconscious to operate only in the energetic spectrum of heart-consciousness.


As we become clearer and more direct, and we release doubt, anger and fear, we enter a realm of experience that would seem miraculous from within the human trance. With focused attention and deepest love and joy, we empower quicker manifestation of our visions, because we are aligned with the consciousness that creates everything.  Our expanded conscious awareness beyond spacetime guides us to the desires of our heart. Our place is to work with those energies in our intuitive knowing. We can be guided by our alignment with what we love the most, and we can radiate this energy throughout humanity and the cosmos for the enhancement of all life.


Within the human trance, ego consciousness will not go beyond fear of the imagined and unknown. To be truly objective, we must be willing to let go of everything we think we know, because it is based on limiting beliefs, created by ego-consciousness without higher guidance. Our reality is beyond spacetime, just like all the subatomic entities that comprise our physical bodies. They are present in our awareness only when we recognize them. Without our attention, they are not present in the physical, which is the energetic spectrum that ego-consciousness recognizes. This is a timeline or dimension of consciousness. It is one of infinite possibilities, and we can have access to any of them, including all the constituents of our bodies.


The requirement for changing dimensions is realizing the reality of the energetic patterns that are not present in the dimension we currently occupy. It begins with desire, openness and gratitude. Through imagination, we can align our personal energy with the vibratory patterns of what we want. Unless we disempower our vision with doubt and fear, it must be drawn into our experience, because we recognize its reality. In this way we are the creators of every quality we experience.


The clearer we are emotionally and mentally, the better we can focus our attention without distraction, regardless of everything our ego-conscious throws up for our attention. As we let go of all anticipation and eventualities, we can open ourselves to the abundance that interpenetrates us, waiting for our realization of its reality. Its manifestation in our experience is always present for our recognition and alignment. Beyond the enclosure of ego-consciousness, we are formless and always present in awareness with any ability and attribute we identify with. We can learn to be intentional in the use of our consciousness for the enhancement of all life, including our own.

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