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Finding Guidance from Our Deepest Desires

Even though we have severely limited ourselves by our embodiment on this planet, our true essence cannot be completely ignored by our limitations. We still have strong attractions. We love brilliance, sovereignty, freedom, joy, pleasure and creation. These attractions and everything we consider wonderful are aspects of our true essence, and they can guide us beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves. All the deepest feelings that we are attracted to are part of our greater Self. The energy of the Source of our life is the infinite enhancement of all life.

Everything we deeply desire is available to us whenever we can realize its reality for ourselves. This is a game of consciousness we are playing. We have limited our awareness, and we are opening ourselves to what we have not allowed ourselves to know and experience. If we think about the significance of our attractions as messages to us about who we are in our greater Being, we can realize that we all have the same attractions. This is part of the consciousness of humanity beyond the realm of good and evil. It is part of the consciousness that creates everything, and it is drawing us closer to its inherent essence through what we love the most and what gives us the greatest ecstasy. It is the greatest outburst of vitality and love.

By dwelling upon the things that we love and enjoy, we can open our awareness, beyond all fear and stress, to our inner knowing and feeling of our deepest appreciation. By aligning with this spectrum of vibratory frequencies, we can open our awareness to limitless consciousness. In transcending the human mind-set of the game we are playing, we can have compassion for ourselves and all other participants. This mind-set is so entrancing, that it has blocked out all other awareness, except for the deep attractions expressed through the heart of our Being.

Inherently we know our true, unlimited essence. It shines through the vibrations of everything that we love and deeply desire. These are in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator in the enhancement of all life everywhere. If we penetrate to our deepest feelings, we can realize the infinite presence of awareness and our connection within universal consciousness. This is a life-transforming realization. We can transform our belief in mortality to knowing our eternal presence of awareness and our ability to create whatever our heart desires, as participants in the infinite expansion of consciousness.

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