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Bringing Spiritual Vitality into Our Lives

We are created in the image of our Creator. Deep within, we can feel this and know what it is. If we are intent on realizing this as the essence of who we are, we can use our mental and emotional abilities in conjunction with our attention to open our awareness to our inner truth. When we open our awareness to our deepest knowing, we can understand the nature and purpose of our lives as humans. We can understand how we are playing a game of consciousness with ourselves.

In the vibratory range and density of the empirical world, we live within the boundaries that we have created for our awareness to be able to realize this world as real, with nothing beyond it. Enforced by our self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves, it is a nearly complete enclosure of our awareness. Realizing our true essence requires strong intention to open our awareness to greater consciousness and creative ability. As we begin to recognize the vibratory quality of our lives, there is a different kind of awareness that happens. It is an inner knowing beyond thoughts and words. We begin to realize everything we experience is created in our own consciousness. The qualities of our experiences are created by the energies that we pay attention to and align with. The forms can be influential, but the most important part is the polarity of our attention.

In every moment we are either mostly positive or mostly negative. When we are aware of our inner knowing, we are guided to a most life-enhancing perspective in unconditional love. Our lives become easy, stress-free and fulfilling. We can be constantly in a state of gratitude. When there is stress, it is because we have lost our inner knowing. In every moment we have the choice of intentionally aligning our attention with the vibratory qualities that we most want to experience. This process operates without a connection to our outer life, and it creates transcendence in every aspect of our lives.

From within our ego-consciousness, we cannot imagine this as our reality, and as a result, we do not experience it. We need to understand that apart from our conscious awareness, nothing exists, except the expressions of universal consciousness, which we participate in. Our recognition and attunement with some of these energies brings them into our experience as real. We can learn to change and direct our attention intentionally by practicing just being present in awareness. As our awareness deepens, we realize that we actually do know everything we need in every circumstance, as long as we don’t think about it, until our thoughts arise from our deepest knowing.

In order to deepen our experience of knowing the difference between living in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator and living without higher guidance, we have created the world of empirical dualism. This world has become so out of balance in favor of negativity, that it must be transformed, requiring us to open our awareness to a realm that is completely positive and to align with energies that enhance all life. This realignment of our personal vibrations expands our awareness and changes everything.

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