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Adjusting to a Transforming World

Now that all the major channels of dark money have disappeared, the governments, militaries and underworld organizations are having to operate without funding. They require huge amounts of money to continue to operate in ways that were clandestine, but now are out in the light of recognition. They know that the public will not accept what they are attempting to do to humanity, but they are desperate to maintain control. The light of exposure is making them unstable. Even though they control the lying media, the truth is seeping out. We are on the verge of a major transformation, as we transition from duality and darkness to the light of unconditional love in the enhancement of all life.

At the juncture of the eras of Pices and Aquarius, just before the dark powers achieved complete control and enslavement of humanity, the entire energetics of our environment changed. The sun is becoming brighter and more radiant, elevating our consciousness. The resonant frequencies of the Earth are increasing in vitality and joy. Dark, destructive energy is dissolving under the rising cosmic influences. Beings that choose to continue to live in a world of good and evil will be relocated to an environment on a planet that resonates with their energy. The Spirit of the Earth is ascending with us into a higher dimension of only creative, life-enhancing vibrations.

Whenever we give our attention completely to the kind of feelings we get from our heart, and we keep these feelings in our awareness, we can live in resonance with them and allow ourselves to be guided intuitively in complete confidence, regardless of any appearances. In every moment, we naturally know everything that is best. We just have to open our awareness to our deepest inner knowing, apart from any interest of ego-consciousness. We no longer need to believe that we must grow old, suffer and die. When we drop all of our life-diminishing beliefs about ourselves, we can have access to our true essence beyond time and space.

Our awareness never goes away. We are eternal fractals of infinite consciousness, becoming aware of our greater Self, while expressing ourselves as humans in ways that we want to experience. We can change our human expression at any time by changing our energetic signature. By paying attention to people, scenarios and visions that we love, and making no diminishing judgments about anyone or anything, regardless of appearances, we can begin to live in the light of the love and joy of our heart in service to the consciousness of the Creator.

The enhancement of all life with new creations and experiences is why we exist. In order to be in alignment with universal consciousness, we can identify with heart-felt feelings and knowing, while giving our attention to feelings and thoughts that increase joyful vitality all around and within us.

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