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Working with Our Energetic Alignments

On the lower astral level, this planet has been controlled by an empire that encompasses nearly all of humanity. It is an empire based on control through fear and monetary management. It controls all of the militaries of the world, all of the underworld mafia, weapons dealers, human trafficking, banking and monetary systems, all multi-national corporations as well as all governments and politicians. What is the purpose of the empire? Why does it need to control everyone? It is an agent of darkness and an expression of duality. It converts the life force of humans into aspects of commerce through trickery and dissimulation. These commercial activities provide the basis of life for the psychopathic rulers of the empire, who have terminated their connection to their natural flow of conscious life force. The empire is parasitic in order to express deeply negative energetics that have no origin or support from Creator consciousness. The empire extracts its conscious life force from humanity in order to express self-destructive energetics that diminish all life everywhere.

We have become so entranced in the program of the empire, that we have sold our essence through our attention and alignment with fear, which we have created for ourselves as directed by our controllers. Fear originates in the belief in our mortality. This is an artificial concept that exists only in our psyche through our realization of it as real. If we did not believe in our mortality, it would not exist. What is mortality, if not a belief? Our consciousness and present awareness are the basis of everything that we experience.

Unless we believe in its reality, the empire cannot affect us. If we are beyond fear, we are expressing no vibrations in the spectrum of duality. We can free ourselves with our vibrations. Any enslavement that we feel or accept is purely voluntary on our part. By complaining about or fighting against negativity, we give it our life force through our alignment with its range of polarity and vibrations. We engage with it. If we remove ourselves from duality through our attention to the life-enhancing energies of our heart-consciousness, we can use our mental and emotional abilities to enter a higher dimension that is fulfilling in every way.

Deeply set in our consciousness, our limiting beliefs can dissolve when we change our perspective and disbelieve in duality as real for us by paying attention to what we truly love and want to experience. By opening ourselves to our heart-consciousness and aligning with it in our imagination and emotions, we come into mastery of the human situation. We can more easily open ourselves to our higher chakra energy centers, realizing our greater abilities of telepathy and more.

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