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Transcending Our Empirical Trance

Being in the dualistic empirical trance of humanity is powerfully addictive; however, it is possible to expand beyond body-consciousness. In this state we can transcend our limitations and enter a state of greater awareness beyond polarity. In our emotional expressions we are naturally magnetic, attracting resonating patterns of energy. This is how we create the qualities of our experiences.

Expanding beyond body consciousness is a process of allowance, but just being present in awareness and allowing ourselves to expand beyond our physical presence receives resistance from our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We have believed that our reality is limited to the material world, and that we cannot go beyond empirical reality. We have believed that this is the only real dimension, resulting in blinding ourselves to others. This belief can be resolved by an out-of-body experience. Many have had this kind of experience and have reported about it in videos and books, but nothing tops personal experience.

It is possible to gain the same insights that result from death of the body through processes of deep meditation, ayahuasca, conscious dreaming and others. In conscious dreaming we maintain conscious awareness in the space that we cross between waking and sleeping. With practice we can open our awareness as we remain in the vibratory state of conscious dreaming. Here we can direct our visions and feelings in ways that our subconscious pays close attention to. We can change our deeply-set limiting beliefs in resonance with our vibratory alignment.

Entering an out-of-body experience can occur by putting our body and brain to sleep, while maintaining conscious awareness, which we can direct to the heart of our Being. We can be aware of the feelings that come to us through our heart, expanding into joyous, life-enhancing feelings that convey our conscious life force. In this parallel energetic dimension, we can experience whatever quality we choose with anyone we resonate with.

We can meet our angels and guides and feel the presence of our essence of infinite Being. When we open our awareness to the reality of a higher dimension of living, we are no longer enclosed in the limitations of the material world. We can direct the qualities of our experiences and even the forms, if we want. Once we learn to control our energetic alignment, our experiences may even appear miraculous.

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Apr 04, 2023

Fabulous! 🦋

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