Realizing Our Inner Light

Updated: Jan 26

Although we have potentially unlimited abilities, we have been taught and programmed to believe that we are physical humans with abilities limited by our empirical presence. Because we believe in our limitations, we create them in our experiences. We can, however, intentionally open ourselves to our higher knowing. By asking for inspiration from higher-vibratory beings, and searching for higher guidance in ourselves, we can realize our true nature.

Our power center is our heart. It emits the energy that powers our body, and it is the power center of our conscious life force. It gives us Self-Realization, which we can know, once we drop our self-imposed limiting beliefs and open ourselves to being unlimited and fully in control of our lives. Once we open ourselves to our intuitive knowing, we no longer need beliefs that limit us, because we can trust ourselves to be true.

We can begin to realize that we are becoming brighter in every way. Our heart emits unlimited numbers of photons, which are in our visible light spectrum, but below the threshold of our human sight. Because of its etheric presence, those who have activated their pineal gland and have etheric vision can see the aura. If we attune ourselves to the intersection of sound and light at 528 cycles per second, we can hear the music of our aura.

Through the etheric energy of the heart, our intuitive knowing comes to us. When we open our awareness to it, it fills our being and offers great vitality. It draws us into alignment with the consciousness of joyful positive polarity. On every level, our heart enlivens us, regardless of how we choose to treat ourselves. It is the source of our brightness, our inner light, which we can learn to see with inner sight, and we can feel it, even in ordinary human awareness.

We can feel our own presence of Being, as well as anyone else’s in our presence. We can immediately know the quality of vibrations of anyone, including ourselves. Our intuition tells us through our emotions, even if we’re not consciously aware of it. We acquire this awareness through our intentional openness to it.

We do not need to be captive to negative, low-frequency energies, as most humans have been. We have the ability to free ourselves by intentionally being positive and seeking to live in the high vibrations of joy, compassion and gratitude. We can align with the energetic patterns of Creator consciousness by feeling what these are and by searching for the music of our inner light at 528 Hz. Once we find this, it can transform our physical DNA and carry us into the unconditional love vibration of Creator consciousness. It is a perfect note for OM chanting. Check it out at

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