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Release from Personal Limitations

If we learn to resolve and transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, our awareness can open into infinite consciousness. Our ego-self becomes a willing observes within our greater knowing. Beyond thought and logic, we can open ourselves to intuitive knowing. This is a dimension without fear or doubt, knowing that we are creating enhanced living for all, including ourselves. Anything that is life-diminishing does not exist in the energetic dimension of positive polarity. There are no parasites stealing our life-force. We can allow ourselves to take command of our awareness and direct our attention in every moment to scenarios that we love and want to be part of, while feeling that we are living in their energy patterns. We can transform our perspective to one of fulfillment, gratitude and joy.

Personal fulfillment in every way is available to us now. We do not need to do anything, except pay attention to the kind of energetic expressions that we are most deeply attracted to. We can fill our awareness with passionate creativity in greater gratitude and love. We are not required to interact with negativity; rather, we can stay positive in gratitude, compassion and love in every encounter. This perspective transforms our presence into a dimension without negativity. This dimension is here now. We only need to realize it.

Our multidimensional presence allows us to participate in any dimension that we align ourselves with, in our imagination and emotions. Because our energetic alignment is subject to our limiting beliefs, we must resolve these in order to expand our awareness. Wherever fear or doubt is present in our awareness, we are limiting ourselves, but we can expand our awareness and experience beyond what we have believed is possible.

There is a life that exists for us right now, that is filled with love and empowerment. The only thing that keeps us from realizing our true essence and abilities is our own belief system. Without beliefs, we can realize that we are in essence our presence of infinite awareness. We need no physical presence, and we can know who we are and what we can do within and beyond time and space. We are free to align our own vibratory expression with any energetic patterns that we desire. Because we have embodied ourselves, we can imagine and realize our bodies as ageless and filled with vitality.

Over the eons we have exposed ourselves to negativity of every kind. When we feel that we have had enough, we can shift our awareness into a dimension of love and life-enhancement. Without personal drama, our ego-self can become an objective observer and willing servant, confident in our limitless creative power. By identifying with the consciousness of our heart, we can enter a reality that we know intuitively, and that we deeply desire to realize and experience.

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