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Realizing the Importance of Our Attention

In our natural state of joy, we are intuitively given understanding of every vibratory pattern that we pay attention to. Every situation becomes clear as we feel the qualities of its energetic patterns. When something doesn’t feel good, it’s time for our personal transformation. What we perceive is a reflection of our own consciousness. What we feel is our own emotional state of being. This is controlled by our focus of attention and the vibratory quality that we choose to feel and pay attention to. By imagining and feeling scenarios of gratitude, compassion, love, joy and their companions, we create an energetic radiance that draws everything that is life-enhancing into our experience.

As we begin to live in the realm of love and joy, our physical experiences come into alignment with us. Instead of reacting to circumstances in our experience, we have the choice of creating a transformative state of Being that we love and are grateful for. The more we do this, the more we train our subconscious mind to help resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves and to allow ourselves to live in complete freedom and abundance. This is our natural state, because we are fractals of infinite consciousness and creative ability. We can be however we want by aligning with the desired energetic qualities in our imagination and feelings.

If we imagine ourselves living in wonderful and fulfilling experiences, we create a resonant frequency that interfaces with such experiences in the physical world. Our lives fill with loving and cherishing relationships. As we learn to release our doubts about our creative abilities, our awareness expands into greater consciousness. Our understanding of life deepens, and we can train ourselves to give our attention to energies that are supportive of all life in every way.

By aligning our mental and emotional processes with our heart-consciousness, we create an environment of energetic renewal for the Earth and all of humanity. This is further strengthened by the expanding life force of the Spirit of the Earth. This energy has no interaction with negativity, leaving those who are negatively-polarized to become unstable and insane, as their source of life force dissolves. This creates chaos in society, stimulating greater realization within human consciousness.

As more of us realize our emotional magnetism and the importance of the energetic quality we pay attention to, we can bring our personal, as well as our larger environment into alignment with life-enhancing energies. In order to realize our powerful creative ability, we must resolve and transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves and truly know ourselves within the consciousness of the heart of our Being, becoming a transformative force in the consciousness of humanity.

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Monik Suarez
Monik Suarez

Dear Kenneth thank you as always for your wonderful articles full of love and depth, our mother earth no longer sustains the negative energies, they no longer have energy support on the planet, may the light expand!

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