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Realizing Our Personal Truth

Who we believe we are determines the mental and emotional limits of our awareness. Our reality exists within the limits of our awareness. To expand our awareness beyond our self-limiting beliefs requires us to pay attention to our intuition, and to do so in mental and emotional clarity with direct focus upon life-enhancing vibrations, which we can know through our heart-consciousness.

Our entire world is within our own consciousness, and we can become aware of this. We constantly shape and form energetic patterns of experiences in our imagination and emotions, creating our energetic signature of radiant energy. In resonance with our own energetic identity, we attract the experiences that we choose to recognize and realize as real within the limits of our imagination and feelings.

Our limitations are entirely self-imposed. They have no reality beyond our beliefs. Recognizing our beliefs and examining them energetically for any traces of fear or doubt enables us to realize that there is nothing there. Our beliefs are artificial constructs that we have imposed or accepted about ourselves. We have acquired them from inheritance and telepathic training. Our most powerful limiting beliefs are based on extremely negative experiences that we engaged with and suffered through.

By realizing that we allowed ourselves to align with negative energy, we can instead choose to pay attention to our heart-consciousness, transcending our limitations and opening our awareness to new realizations. Unless we give it up, we have control of the quality of our thoughts and emotions in every moment. We can command our innate consciousness, the repository of every experience we’ve ever had, to align with our heart-consciousness in every moment.

Beyond ourselves, there is no requirement that we ever engage with fear. Without our mental and emotional alignment, it could not exist for us. We create our own fear entirely. In heart consciousness fear does not exist. There is only infinite love and connection with the consciousness of the Creator. This has very practical implications for us, because once we realize our essential presence of awareness and unlimited ability in every way, we transform our lives and can live in a higher dimension of beauty and freedom.

By resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves and intentionally aligning with the energetic spectrum of our heart-consciousness, we can keep creating new experiences of life-enhancement for ourselves and all around us.

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