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Realizing Infinite Awareness

When we are aware of the qualities of energies within and around us, we can be aware of the lessons that confront us. We express ourselves through our physical body in an empirical world that is constantly made real by the beliefs of humanity. We emit electromagnetic energy patterns through our mental and emotional processes, and we direct our lives by what goes on in our thoughts and feelings. These are the energy patterns that we are constantly creating and imbuing our experiences with. By being aware of the vibratory quality of our thoughts and feelings, we can realize that we can control and direct them.

Everything is energy, and we express this energy with our consciousness. The physical world is what we imagine it to be. Within our consciousness, everything exists, and we can be aware of everything that we allow ourselves to know about. It comes to us through our intuitive knowing in the depth of our essence. It is the conscious life-force in the heart of our Being. When we recognize it, we realize that we know it well. It is our own presence of awareness beyond space and time.

Realizing that we are living beyond space and time concurrently with our role as humans, we can understand the entire complexity of the human experience in encountering negative energy. In order to take this experience as real, we had to create our limiting beliefs. When we desire to realize our true Self, we must know that we are not required to maintain limiting beliefs. We are fractals of the universal consciousness of the Creator, making us infinite in our presence of awareness, and with free minds and emotions, enabling us to create unique patterns of energy in the constant expansion of consciousness.

Because we’ve realized every quality of evil over many lifetimes, we no longer need our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can resolve and release them and open our realization to our infinite essence. It is a most freeing experience to understand the magnitude of who we are. Working with our thoughts and emotions in intentionally creative ways is what we’re designed to do. We can’t not create. It’s our nature to create the energetic feeling of every experience in our lives.

We get to choose the quality of every experience that we have. When we don’t realize what we’re doing, and we don’t intentionally choose our thoughts and feelings, we believe that life is haphazard, and things just happen. Once we open ourselves beyond our limitations, we can master ourselves and create experiences that enhance life everywhere, including our own.

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