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Our Destiny and Our Choice

As we begin on the inward path toward Self-Realization, there are things that we learn along the way. We realize that human life is a play in consciousness, and all of us are playing our predestined roles for ourselves and for everyone else. Every situation and encounter has meaning for us to recognize. If we pay attention, our inner guidance gives us understanding. At the same time, we can shape the qualities of our experiences with our intentional thoughts and emotions, both conscious and subconscious. Because of this, everything we experience is self-created, by our doubts and fears as well as our transcendent presence. We choose the energetic quality we will participate in and experience.

We are all interconnected in consciousness. Each of us is our own unique person with a deep connection to the consciousness that creates everything. In order to play an authentic human role, we must create a mind-set with parameters to our awareness. As long as we stay in this mind-set, we cannot know our true essence, but we can find clues to direct us deeper within our presence. These clues can be anything, and they are directed to us in ways that each of us can recognize.

In our essence, we are all Masters of every aspect of life, but in our ego-consciousness we cannot realize this. If we follow our inner clues and guidance, always searching for the most life-enhancing thoughts and feelings, we can realize a world that we can inhabit now by directing our imagination and feelings to living in the realm we truly want. It is the vibratory polarity and frequency of our perspective and state of being that attracts our experiences, and we can intentionally control this.

We can learn to control our thoughts and emotions in ways that inspire and stimulate us with gratitude and good feelings. We can disengage entirely from negativity, and instead follow the wonderful desires of our heart. As we clarify our mental and emotional processes, we can focus more acutely on what we know is life-enhancing for all of us. Everything exists in our own consciousness, and we can open our awareness to this.

Without limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can realize our true nature beyond time and space and in other forms and persons, as well as our human presence. It is all available for our awareness and realization. When we realize the reality of someone or something, it becomes real in our experience. This realization comes from our intentional opening to it and feeling its energetic presence. We can intentionally create our own reality in interaction with the consciousness of humanity.

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