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Living Intentionally in the Field of Consciousness

We have believed that we are separate individuals with our own private thoughts and feelings that we can keep to ourselves, even though we have known that there are telepathic individuals who can read our minds and emotions. Now we’re finding out that there is technology that can do the same thing, and in some cases, even influence and direct us to do things, even things that we would never want to do on our own. This implies that our consciousness is not localized and that we live in a field of consciousness, within which we are each a focus of attention with a unique identity, which we may recognize as an energy signature, or an electromagnetic expression.

Although we are enveloped in a field of every possible thought and emotion, there is a mechanism that gives us our own thoughts and feelings. It is the polarity and vibratory frequency of our mental and emotional processes, both conscious and subconscious. These are subject to our personally-chosen focus of attention. We are free to subject ourselves to random thoughts and feelings in our accustomed state of being, and to react to outer circumstances as if they are important, and they establish our energetic identity, which we broadcast into the field of consciousness through our personal radiance.

Our energy signature is not a secret. It is recognizable to all who choose to perceive it, giving away the qualities of our thoughts and feelings. Our vibratory presence is also responsible for attracting the patterns of energy that come into our experience and repelling those that we are unaware of. We can allow this process of living to happen by default, and we can also choose to direct it as we desire. We have a largely-unrecognized power to create and shape our lives by our own attention and how we feel about it and about ourselves.

We are subject to influences beyond our personal awareness only to the extent that we are open to them. Every personal experience has its primal formation in our own consciousness. if we strongly desire, we can find inspiring ways to clear our mind and emotions and to feel inspired and creative. We can open our awareness and ask for transcendence in alignment with our heart-consciousness and in collaboration with our unseen guides and angels living in the universal field of consciousness. The only blocks within our conscious awareness are self-imposed and can be self-transcended. We are being invited to realize our essence as we experience ourselves as our unique, eternal and unlimited presence of awareness within the consciousness that creates everything.

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