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Living Beyond Limitation

Imagining forms and visions brings them into our reality, not necessarily in the forms we imagine, but in the vibratory resonance of how we feel within ourselves. We can direct our thoughts and feelings to whatever we desire. By aligning with our desired polarity and frequency, we establish our energetic signature and broadcast its vibrations into the quantum field to attract resonating energies into our experience.

In absolute confidence and knowing, we can move through life with the energetic expression of gratitude, love, compassion and joy. Anything that interrupts this state of Being is caused by a limiting belief about ourselves. We have been able to believe only what we have experienced as humans. It is our beliefs that limit us. Without beliefs, we can realize our presence of awareness beyond time and space. Pervading infinite consciousness, our awareness is unlimited, when we realize that it is.

Toward this goal, we can progress by examining and resolving our limiting beliefs and opening ourselves to an unknown realm of experience that seems impossible for ego-consciousness. Instead of gradual degradation, we can develop a different kind of awareness grounded in life-enhancement. We can sense when we are experiencing positive and negative energies. Regardless of what kind of energy we encounter, we can direct our own state of being to vibrate in resonance with our essence beyond time and space. This is the heart of our Being, and it comes into our awareness intuitively, when we align with the resonance of our heart.

We can realize that the overpowering expression within universal consciousness is life-creation-and-enhancement in unconditional love. As we learn to transcend our limitations by inviting the feelings of joy and abundance to fill our awareness, we find that life happens with ease, regardless of apparent encounters and experiences. As long as we hold our awareness on the energies of our heart, we can move through life while radiating powerful life-enhancing thoughts and feelings. These pervade the consciousness of humanity, vibrating in dissonance to negativity, destabilizing and dissolving it or transforming it.

Only when we can live beyond our limitations, can we know our true Self. When we empower ourselves with confidence and love, we can be creative in ways that we want. we can come into realization of our infinite magnificence beyond any limiting beliefs. We can practice expressing ourselves in ways that we deeply desire for the enjoyment of all within our awareness.

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