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Living an Inspired Life

We all know intuitively that we are here to expand love within ourselves and among one another, but because we are coming out of an era of fear and oppression for our species, we are greatly challenged to actualize the enhancement of all life. Deep down we know we want to feel joy and love in every moment, and these feelings actually result from conscious choices on our part. We experience what our personal vibrations resonate with, and much of our lives transpire from the vibratory level of our subconscious essence without thought. Our conscious minds have not been fully present most of the time, and our bodies go through our daily lives according to our inherited and acquired programming that expresses our state of being.

When our conscious minds are in intentionally creative mode, our subconscious pays attention and adjusts its programming to our intentional vibrations. The more we do this, the deeper our intentional vibrations penetrate our subconscious. When we align ourselves in resonance with the vibrations of our heart center, we reprogram our energy signature to the spectrum of joy and love. With intentional energetic work, we can enhance this process. Our subconscious is not trained by thoughts, but by the qualities of our mental and emotional vibrations.

The polarity and vibratory level of the energy we express determines the quality of our experiences, in conjunction with the vibrations of our subconscious. When the subconscious polarity and vibratory patterns are dissonant from our conscious vibrations, our experiences become difficult for us. Experiences don’t just happen for us; we create them with our magnetic radiance, which can now be measured by instruments that can register our magnetic vibrations at a distance from our bodies. These vibrations are emitted by our emotions, and they are what attract our experiences.

Without an out-of-body experience to retrain our subconscious, we must engage it as deeply as possible. In order to achieve our desires and goals, we must bring our subconscious into alignment with our desired quality of life, and then everything becomes easy. As we go deeper into our intuition to realize our true essence of awareness, we can vibrate at such a high level that we transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and our awareness opens to a higher dimension within infinite consciousness.

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