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Journey to the Center of Our Being

Although we are incarnated with a limited sense of who we are, we develop a self-identity as we observe and interact with one another. This is our ego-consciousness for this lifetime. It is the persona that we have created and can change at any time by shifting our realization about ourselves. This most easily happens when we are able to be in the border of waking and sleeping. Here the ego is silent. Nothing is happening for it in our attention. We can be pure presence of expanding awareness. Individually we can feel connected with the consciousness of humanity extending into infinitude.

Our natural awareness is everywhere. We have no limits outside of ourselves, and we can have control of our own limits, allowing those necessary for being an incarnated human, and concurrently opening to infinite consciousness. The vibration at this level of consciousness is unconditional love, joy and absolute confidence in the reality of our heart’s guidance.

Being in this calm and easy space of deepest love and creative manifestation, we can embrace ourselves and all beings with unconditional love and compassion for all misdirected energies. As we vibrate at attractive positive energy waves, maintaining love and joy, our perspective can be based in deep understanding and emotional sensitivity. We can change the perspective of any negativity that may be present by holding only love for the luminous essence of all beings we encounter. We can be aware of all of the energies that are present and their qualities. If we want to engage with any of them, we focus our awareness on their vibrations and align with them, or we attract them to align with us.

The requirement for being able to live at a high level of consciousness is being able to shift our realization to what we truly want. It begins with our intention to be alert at the vibratory level of ego stillness. Nothing of ego-consciousness that is negative is meaningful. It is our own creation, and we can resolve it with acceptance, compassionate understanding, and then release it. To be the masters our lives, we can shift our focus to the vibratory level that we want to experience in the greatest love that we can imagine.

With sufficient practice, we can realize its reality, and we begin to transform into our true Self of infinite Being. This is our destiny, and we are expanding the consciousness of humanity.

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