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Insights into Understanding Ourselves

We are moving into a realm where everything will be wiped clean. It will happen gradually. Steadily our accustomed way of life is dissolving. Because we can create whatever we need, we will be free of assets and liabilities. We can live however we want in the enhancement of all life. We can no longer believe in or recognize aging, suffering and death for ourselves. We can be completely free of anything outside of our own conscious direction.

Already we have free choice in how we want to think and feel about our lives. We can learn to direct our focus of attention in every moment to the energetic patterns and scenarios that give us joy. As our remaining limiting beliefs about ourselves become obvious, we can realize their discordance with the way we want to be. We want to make our lives easy, without stress or fear. To accomplish this, we can give our complete attention to the way we feel in our heart. We can be unaffected by anything outside of the vibrations that we emit. These determine the qualities of our experiences.

By paying attention to the energies that we love, and understanding everything from the perspective of compassion and gratitude, we elevate and shape our own energy signature into enjoyable vibrations. These attract resonating experiences, opening our awareness to greater enhancement of life. In this state of Being, we are beyond duality, and our needs and desires are fulfilled. We do not need anything from our former world of experience. We can imagine our increasing vitality, and we can realize that our bodies are regenerating.

Our entire world happens in our own consciousness. By recognizing energetic patterns of swirling light-beings in the quantum field, we make them real in our experience. Without our attention and belief, they are not real in our presence. By focusing upon people and situations from the perspective of compassion and love, we can resolve our limiting beliefs, and have unlimited power in our attention and energetic alignment with the creative source of our life.

It is possible for us to realize the majesty of our creative essence by imagining and feeling what it is like. We are everything and nothing always. We are our presence of awareness beyond space and time. We are non-localized, unless we express ourselves in some way, such as through our physical bodies. We are the ones who see through our physical eyes and experience everything that our bodies experience. At the same time we are beyond time, living as a conscious presence with infinite creative potential. We can realize this as our expanded conscious reality.

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