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Insights into Our Expansive Potential

At some point we realize that we have a presence beyond the physical world. We have imagination and emotional feelings. They are not abilities of the body; rather, they direct the processes of the body. They are related to our essence and connected to our expanded consciousness. They are part of our presence of awareness, our creative center. It is where we shape the qualities of our experiences and the intensities of their manifestation. This happens in our deep consciousness, guided by the vibratory quality of our beliefs about ourselves. When we have this awareness, we can clearly understand how we create every nuance of our experience.

As we bring into our attention the thoughts and feelings that we choose in every moment, we can intentionally align ourselves with these energies and live in their range of vibrations. If we want to expand our awareness beyond our acquired limitations, we can use our imagination and emotions in the service of our heart-consciousness. This is the source of our conscious life-force, and it is completely life-enhancing in creative ways. When we open our awareness to the influence of heart-consciousness, our desire draws it to our attention and allows it to become the dominant energetic quality in our awareness.

Since we have limited our reality to our sensory experiences and our encounters with others who have the same limiting beliefs about themselves as we do, we have lived entirely within the compartment of consciousness circumscribed by our beliefs, with no awareness of a way out. Our only guidance is our mental calculations and our awareness of history, together with an innate desire for transcendence. If we pay attention to this desire, we can open our awareness to our radiant essence and presence of conscious life-force.

When we pay attention to how we feel about anything, we immediately know if we are facing negative or positive energy. By keeping our attention on our transcendent essence, we can feel the warmth and enrichment of our heart-consciousness in universal love, compassion and joy. When we feel these energies, we are open and aligned with the intuition of our heart-consciousness, and everything becomes clear, understood and fulfilling. This is how our inner knowing develops.

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