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Identifying with Our True Essence

We are the only ones who can create our life experiences, and the only ones who can change them, against the backdrop of humanity. We may wish to change others, to make them more acceptable and desirable for us, and the way to do this is to change ourselves. By changing our polarity and vibratory level, we change our perception of others, as well as our perception of ourselves. The big change is moving from fear to love. This results in a major change in perspective and requires strong intention to follow through. Because our ego consciousness has no awareness of our higher guidance, our ego is useless in this process and must be instructed to stand by until called upon.

When we have a positive perspective, we have no doubt or fear that we have unmet needs. As a result, we are given whatever we need for a fulfilled life. Because we have lived entirely by reliance on our ego mind, our ability to calculate and to think inductively and deductively, taking a positive polarity is a major leap in consciousness. Only occasionally have we been aware of our intuition, unless a miracle happens for us. What appear to be miracles are interventions of our higher Self changing the vibratory patterns in our awareness and allowing us to become aware of a higher dimension of vibrations.

Everything is always available to us, unless we are not open to it. In our culture we have learned to close ourselves off from our higher guidance and to rely on our ego consciousness of limited awareness. We have accepted being in lack and enslaved to negative parasites. When we’re ready for it, the path to freedom and fulfillment is within our own Being, by developing sensitivity to our intuitive guidance flowing through the heart of our Being and expressed in our heart-mind. Here is our access to universal consciousness in our own Self, our innermost and deepest Being. It is what we truly know, apart from anything we have been taught or made to believe.

Although our intuitive guidance is always present, we must develop sensitivity to it by paying attention to our thoughts and feelings when we are unencumbered by ego consciousness. We can ask our guides and angels to stimulate awareness of our intuition. Everything that happens in our lives is for our inner guidance. We are living in a metaphor, a construct of consciousness, that we have created by aligning ourselves with energetic vibratory patterns through our perspective and the way we think and feel about everything.

By being confidently positive and learning to maintain a perspective of compassionate wisdom, we attract experiences that stimulate joy and gratitude in ourselves. We can learn to interact with the inner light in others. By opening our awareness to our inner knowing, and acting confidently from what we deeply know, we eventually gain access to a realm beyond duality and are no longer subject to negative encounters.

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Apr 01, 2022

Your last sentence is very intriguing! “By opening our awareness to our inner knowing, and acting confidently from what we deeply know, we eventually gain access to a realm beyond duality and are no longer subject to negative encounters.” Is this possible, really? Because even after living so much inner intuitive connection, I’m still getting these “negative encounters.” Not as much as before, but they still creep up and surprise me even though I’m staying in very loving-kindness states and I stand as a compassionate witness! Is it a question of time? or practice? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Apr 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, I really appreciate the clarity of your words! Yes, I see this and understand it! I can do this! We all can do this! Very hopeful, very compassionate! I continue to read your wonderful words of wisdom and continue to learn from it! With gratitude and love! 🌼🌻🌸

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