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Falling in Love with Our Deepest Self

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Because everything that exists is in our own infinite consciousness, we can become aware of all of it. It requires our energetic alignment with whatever we desire to pay attention to. Our desires have polarity and frequency. We are like tuning forks, vibrating at the rate and polarity of our perspective, thoughts and emotions. Unlike tuning forks, we have the capacity to create and emit a vast array of negative and positive vibrations within our essence. Most of these have been subconscious, but we can learn to align them with the deeply-expressed theta frequencies in the heart of our Being. When we gain the ability to remain in the moment between waking and sleeping, we can have access to the depth of our Being. This is where the unconditional love and infinite awareness of Creator Consciousness resides within each of us. In our deepest inner knowing, we can learn to be in this highly-awakened state as we go about our lives effortlessly in deepest love and joy.

Beyond our wildest dreams as humans, we are so much more as expressions of the entire consciousness of the Creator. To be aware of our expanded consciousness, we must recognize, accept, resolve and release the self-imposed limitations of our conscious awareness. As we align with our heart-consciousness in deep meditation, we can enter unlimited acceptance of who we are and realize the love of the Creator that resides in our heart. For most of us, this can happen with strong intention and lots of practice. When we pay attention to how our life transpires through awareness of our state of being, we can begin to realize the extent of our creative essence.

As we realize the Self-assurance of our amazing essence, we can understand the nature of human life and the game of consciousness that we are playing. Everything we experience is a result of our conscious and subconscious vibrations. By training our subconscious to align with our highest aspirations and heart-felt desires, we create miraculous experiences in deepest love and complete confidence. This is possible for all of us. It is how we are designed to be. When we desire to realize who we really are, apart from our sojourn as humans, we can regain awareness of our essential Self. It is the brightest, most beautiful and spectacular experience we can ever have.

There are many who do not have this desire, and that’s fine. They need more experience in the world of good and evil. For those of us who have the desire to know our true Self, with our infinite awareness and creative ability, know that it is possible. If we do the psychological work on ourselves, we can awaken beyond the limiting beliefs about ourselves, to awareness of the amazing majesty of who we are.

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