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Exploring the Depth of Our Psyche

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

There is much greater depth to our consciousness than most of us have explored. We’ve kept our awareness limited to the realm of duality. To become unlimited, we must open our conscious awareness to expansion. It begins with spiritual as well as ego-based desire. We choose which one we want to align with. Ego-based desire wants fulfillment of a perceived lack. Spiritual desire reaches out to infinity and is fulfilling in every way. This kind of desire is life-enhancing, and when we recognize it and want to share in it, it radiates its energies all around us,. It is the energy of compassion and gratitude.

When we desire to know the heart of our Being, we can begin to expand our awareness into the realm of love, joy and immortality. This is our natural state of Self-expression, and we can feel it throughout our awareness. As we come to know this level of personal presence, we can expand beyond time and space into pure presence of awareness.

Within the world that we share with humanity, we are constantly creating our personal experiences by our energetic presence. We have done this unconsciously, and we can also do it consciously with awareness of our true desires and inner guidance. We can learn to be Self-directed in every moment, and be moved by our inner knowing.

Although we’ve been trained to react from ego-consciousness in our interactions with others, we can instead direct our attention to the radiance that is present in everyone and the energy of our hearts. Since we are all the same Being in universal consciousness, we are interacting with an aspect of ourselves in every encounter. We can be creative or reactive. It’s our choice. In either case, we’re imprinting our vibrations into our subconscious and sending them into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience.

Our free will has vast implications for us. Every moment holds a choice. The essence of our choices is the polarity and vibratory frequency of our mental and emotional expressions. This is our creative essence and is functioning constantly with or without our direction. By being aware of our vibratory levels, we can learn to call forth emotions and create visionary scenarios of a quality that we can resonate with. Anything that we can align with energetically, we can experience. This is how we can ascend into a higher dimension of living in joy and unconditional love.

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14 jul 2022

This is how we can ascend into a higher dimension of living in joy and unconditional love.

so beautiful🌸

Me gusta
Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
15 jul 2022
Contestando a

Thank you, Mary.

Me gusta
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