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Enjoying Continuously Expanding Awareness

Through my writing I express my experiences, as if you, the reader, are part of me, and we are expressing together our experiences in the realm of love and joy.  Kenneth Schmitt


In every moment we can be listening within ourselves for the vibrations of gratitude, love and joy. They come with their own music and uplifting feelings, and they enable us to transcend as many of our limiting beliefs as we allow. Once we start on this vibratory level, it gets easier to continue expanding. It’s the initial threshold that we must cross. Our confidence grows in knowing that our awareness is unlimited. We can feel our unity in consciousness with everyone and everything, and we can understand our roles in the play of life.


We have felt many constraints upon us. They are all in our imagination, designed specifically for our awakening to the Infinite. Our ego-consciousness does not want to change. Anything unknown is received with fear. This is a consciousness that we have contrived in the imaginary world of the ego. From within this world, nothing beyond its polarity is known. To expand beyond the vibratory level of ego-consciousness, we can know gratitude, love and joy. We can be aware of our destiny, which we planned prior to incarnation, and we can understand why we wanted the circumstances we experience. We can train ourselves to be open to the vibrations of love in every moment, as we go about our lives and interact with others.


Until we become transcendent even a little, the ego remains locked in limiting beliefs that keep us from delving deeper into our conscious essence. To transcend ego-consciousness, we can open our awareness to the light of life everywhere. Everywhere there is consciousness, there are conscious photons. They are an expression of our conscious presence without mass or location and our awareness beyond spacetime.


We have the capacity for very deep compassion. This is the perspective we can use in encountering life-diminishing and disturbing energies. Dark energy was needed to balance the light in a dualistic world of separation of beings. As we move away from anxiety, fear and negativity generally, we can pay attention to the desires of our heart and its care for us. It comes with a feeling of powerful love and joy, aligned with the light of the conscious photons that we emit in increasing numbers, as we become more intuitively heart-centered.


In whatever way we wish, we can feel our essence drawing us into expanding awareness. When we are receptive, limitless abilities can enter our awareness. Positive vibrations come through the heart of our Being. We know what they feel like, and we’re naturally attracted to them. By paying attention to the levels of these vibrations, we can align our own presence with them. If we remain undiminished in this perspective, we can live in a new imagined world that feels wonderful. This happens when we’re ready for a complete transformation into intentionally creating our lives from a transcendent perspective. This affects all of humanity and opens up human awareness of greater love and light.

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Jan 29
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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have found and touched upon 'A Treasure Trove' wisdom, within these delightful and enlightening thoughts... expressed inner wisdom of the heart of another. Much 'food' for me to contemplate. Much gratitude and blessings for sharing. Celia Elliott

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