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Empowering Our Transformation

We are being invited to realize what is beyond our ability to conceptualize, write or speak about. It is our own true essence, our Self-Realization. We have clues of our greatness in the masterworks of art, music, poetry and dance, as well as in the presence of mystics and spiritual masters. We all participate in this level of consciousness and so much more. Hidden in the consciousness of our heart, our Self-Realization transforms our lives and provides everything we could ever want. In realizing our own essence, we come to know the secrets of time and space and of infinite awareness.

For eons we have depended upon our conscious mind, our reasoning and our physical abilities to survive and evolve in a world of limitation. We have ignored what we deeply know about our reality and have put all of our attention on appearances. We have not known the source of our life and what our capabilities are. Because we have allowed others to train us in servitude, we have not realized that we are actually the creators of our conditions and experiences.

At this time in our planetary history, we are not here to experience sadness and suffering. We are here for transformation and expansion of light everywhere, and we are all capable of achieving this, or we would not be here learning about awakening to our true essence and wielding our infinite creative power. The enforcers of our enslavement now have power over us only if we cooperate with them and give them our life force through our fear.

Whenever we desire, we can withdraw our alignment from the dark force by focusing on the inner light and infinite love flowing to us through the consciousness of our heart. We can learn to recognize this energetic expression in everyone and everything. Everything that exists participates in the creative, life-enhancing consciousness of the Creator. This vitality is now the dominant energetic expression on our planet.

All of humanity must come into alignment with it in order to continue to live here. Those who choose to align with the dark force are becoming more uncomfortable and unstable as we continue to move further into the light of love and joy of expanding consciousness. We are moving through a period of desperation on the part of the negative elite, with all of their dissimulation, trickery and destructive intentions becoming known and eliminated. As we can align ourselves with the expressions of our heart-consciousness, we disempower any outer control of our lives and transform ourselves into the powerful Self-Realized masters that we are in our essence.

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